Restarting Blogging

A few years back, a friend once told me she always wrote in a journal. This kept her from going completely insane when she felt like she couldn’t tell anyone about issues going on in her life. She said something about the physical motion of putting a pencil to paper calms the mind and soul. She recommended me to do the same if I were to ever have the same troubles. 

It’s not that I don’t have anyone to talk to. It’s just that I feel like issues that happen in my life aren’t problems anybody else has to deal with. And that I guess it’s because I’ve electronically blogged before, so I’m more comfortable typing.

Either that, or I’m just simple lazy to write out everything. 

I’d like to say my life is pretty simple; but unfortunately, my life isn’t. So I guess I’ll be spilling (almost) everything about my life here as well as other inspiring/uninspiring/random/ranting entries. 


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