Flashing Neon Signs

Sometimes I think I have this flashing neon sign that says “I am a vulnerable child. Come take advantage of me”

Going to university was one of the most scariest experiences ever. Meeting new people,  discovering your potential career,  and making life long friends. But not only do we learn to build relationships in school,  we build a network of friends outside of school too.

It bothers me when I hear people say friends in school aren’t friends; they’re acquaintances. I think I seem to disagree to some degree. Yes. You probably won’t talk to most of your ‘friends’ you make in university after university.  Heck, you’ll probably only keep in contact with a handful. But you can’t help but to think during the time of university that they’re your real friends. Who’ve seen you go through your most busiest weeks, most stressful exams, most upsetting days, and you would think they would know you.

But you soon realize that the people who know you,  care for you, and would call up  50 people to back you up are the people who you should call friends. They’re the ones who’ve been there for you. They’re the ones who you deserve in your life.