The thin line…

Every time you talk when you first meet someone, you find out new things about the person and in your mind you make a mental note of if that meets your requirement of a possible partner. But as you get to know them, you become more comfortable and relaxed until the point where you need to decide if you’re only going to view this person as your friend, or anything more. The small window of opportunity gives you a chance to establish if you’re going to stay friends, or become a couple. Sometimes the window is so small that you don’t realize that it was opened and when you do, its already been closed. 

As humans, we tend to protect ourselves with a facade. We don’t like to let other people around us know our vulnerabilities and weaknesses. So we put up a front in where we show that everything is perfect. In other words, we like to play hard to get. Girls will always say “Oh, I want him to make the first move” or “I’m not going to reply fast because it makes me look like I’m desperate”. But deep inside, we fret that the guy won’t reply, that he will find someone who’s more ‘perfect’ for him. 

The reality is, when you feel like you are starting to develop feelings for someone, don’t play hard to get. Don’t wait to reply messages because it makes you look “desperate”. Don’t pretend to be shy and wait for the other person to say something. Because when you realize that you want that person in your life, they might already be with someone else who wasn’t afraid to take the leap of faith.


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