God’s taking all of them away from me.

Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what God is doing in my life…. He does various things were messages are sent loud and clear but at other times he does things that make me ponder his intentions.

Growing up, I’ve always seemed to have a lot more male friends than female friends. Not that I didn’t have close female friends to hang around with, but most of my closer friends just happened to be guys. And it’s all great because I don’t mind. But as I step into the next phase in life where everyone is graduating from university, I find my closest male friends all leaving me.

I do understand that as a Christian, I’m supposed to marry my best friend. So, is that why God is deciding to take away all of my closest guy friends? A friend of mine is leaving for good for America where he will be studying his Masters there and probably remain there and not return in the near future. Another one is going back to Hong Kong where he awaits his acceptance letter to HKU and if he gets accepted, he’s going to stay there and take over his dad’s company. My friendship with another has started to grow apart since he started his career and dating his girlfriend (which I totally understand, but it still sucks).

So all of my close guy friends are leaving me one by one. All either having their own lives to go forward on, or pursuing their individual careers. I’m happy for them that they get to move on with their lives. But God, please don’t forget about me. 


One comment

  1. JoAnne Silvia · July 15, 2014

    You will not be forgotten. God has a plan. I’m sure of it!

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