Picking the right rock

Many relationships seem to start off perfect; everything is perfect, you’re in love, and you’re finally with someone who loves you back. You’re constantly smiling, and happy about your current status. You feel glad that there’s someone there for you, someone to spend time with, someone to share your happiness and sorrows. And no matter what happens, you’re just happy you’re with them.

But slowly and surely, you enter into a more comfortable stage. A stage where you begin to feel bored, or start to notice the other person’s weaknesses and faults. You start to become frustrated, angry or upset to a point where you start to make excuses for not seeing the other person. 

Choosing a partner is like choosing a rock. When you pick up a rock, most of the times, there will rough edges, or sharper corners where you may scratch yourself on. But as humans, we possess the ability to change and the ability to adapt. If you have the courage, patience, and love, you can take that familiar rock of yours and smooth out the rough edges. 


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