You don’t have to get over it, you just have to live with it…

The past two years of my life, I’ve been struggling to get over one certain guy. He occupies a huge part of my life, and is one of my best friends. He and I have the same values, morals, and views on mostly everything in life. 

He calls us soul mates.

But, as usual, God loves challenging us and building us up to be the person he intends for us to be. Me and this “soul mate” of mine never had the opportunity to be together. After months of struggles and multiple conversations, we both decided that it was best for us to remain as friends. He was not emotionally stable or able to commit to anything at that moment nor was I ready to dive straight into a long distance relationship (he was soon to depart for post-graduate studies in another country).

I made myself promise that I will have to get over this ideal perfect guy for me and move on to the next person in my life. And after dating and seeing a few other guys, I realized I will never be able to get over this man. He will always occupy a spot in my heart, my mind, my life, and always be there no matter what stage I am in life. I’ve discovered that this “soul mate” of mine is never going to be out of my life, and I will never be able to get over him. I just have to be able to live with the fact and accept the reality of us not being together. 


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