Motivation to keep going.

Once in a while, I find myself losing the motivation to keep going with everything I’m doing in my life. Everything piles up and sleep deprivation kicks in. I realize I’m in a slow whirlpool of unending work that will eventually drag me to the bottom and I’ll sink.

Luckily enough, I allow myself to continue doing the things I do love and am passionate about. For example: I play on a beach volleyball team that practices once a week with games also once a week. I continue to dance ballet, my number one favorite style of dance, and teach children ballet classes as well. I’ve gotten comments before that ask me why I continue to do so many things while in my last year of my bachelor’s degree of Engineering. It’s a simple answer, really.

It’s because I love it. I love my passion for dance, for sports, and for life.

How do you relieve stress?