Being patient

Being a Christian can sometimes be very frustrating. You find that sometimes you want to do things that you know you can’t. One struggle I have is the fact that I cannot date outside of Christianity.

There have been men in my life who fulfill every criteria I’ve wanted in a boyfriend/husband, all except one; they’re not Christian. But they’re just so perfect!!!! So perfect but the fact that they’re not Christian. I know God wouldn’t want me to date someone who does not have the same mindset and beliefs as me so I will let Him decide when to bring the man into my life.

But sometimes it’s hard to be patient and let Him do His thing…. I mean, the fact of not knowing is sometimes unbearable. As humans we want to know what our future holds and who is going to be in our lives until the end. It is scary not knowing what our Lord has for us and that could be challenging while making decisions about life.

But I guess there’s nothing much we can do except accepting His guidance and letting our lives be taken wherever He leads us.
After all, He has proven time after time to give us what we need.