Left behind.

I don’t like sharing. I don’t like sharing my clothes, my books, my pencils, and my best friend.

Friends eventually will lose touch from either being too busy, or moving onto another step in life. I know all of this, and have expected it to come sooner or later, but it’s hard to not feel sad when you’re losing your best friend to a girl who’s still in high school. Who is she to come into my life, steal the friend that I’ve known for 18 years and just leave me hanging out to dry.

But of course, I can’t say any of this to my best friend, or else he’s going to think I’m jealous… when all I really feel is emptiness. My best friend who I used to confide in, rant to, share dumb stories with, and do just about everything with isn’t mine anymore….

I just want our friendship back. I just want my best friend back.

I just don’t want to be left behind.