Falling in love with your best friend

People say that the person you marry should be your best friend. They should be the person you tell everything to, the person who will be there for you no matter what stage you are in life, the person who appreciates your strengths but will compliment your weaknesses as well. The person who doesn’t judge you for what your decisions were in the past, but helps hold your hand when you’re going through tough times in the present. When someone that amazing turns up in your life, you will start to wonder if this friendship can evolve into something deeper, something stronger, something more than your regular relationships. If the feelings are mutual and are correctly executed, a beautiful relationship commences.

But what if those event’s don’t unfold ideally. If one side is not ready for a relationship, or if the feelings are not mutual, it could turn out to be quite an awkward situation. And if this really does happen, what can one do?

One thing can probably be said that anyone in this situation can agree with: it’s hard. It’s hard when you have to pretend you’re not in love with them. It’s hard when friends around you may all agree you’re perfect for one another and that “you guys should just get together” when you know it’s nearly impossible. It’s hard when you dream about when you can finally hold their hand and walk around publicly showing off your wonderful partner but realize that it’s merely just a dream.

Their face haunts your memories, their smile is etched in your brain and their weird habits constantly replay through your mind.



  1. JoAnne · July 21, 2015

    I know it’s hard. When my best friend and husband left after 20 years, the best thing I did, after a lot of crying, and stupid (unnecessary) rebounds, was to learn to love myself again, and to surround myself with people who supported me as an individual. Take care of you the best you can.

    • mscreampoof · July 21, 2015

      Thanks JoAnne! Through talking with friends and family, i am slowly on the way to recovering my old self. It will take some time, but i believe as long as I don’t give up, i’ll be happy again 🙂

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