Never let go

When something positive happens in my life, you’re the first one I want to share it with. When I become pessimistic and can’t climb out of the hole I fall into, you’re the only one who can pull me back out. When you struggle to stand back up, I want to be able to support you and lift you up. When I feel alone and have no target, you give me a purpose to continue.

You’re my soul mate, a best friend whom I can’t live without; I know this because we tried. We tried not talking for days, weeks, or even months at a time. But we eventually give in and can’t resist picking up our phones to call or sending a message to each other. I wonder every second of every day why God has placed you in my life only to not allow us to be together. I pray that one day we can build on what we had started and continue our relationship.

The people who say “it doesn’t matter if you’re with them or not as long as they’re happy” are wrong. When you truly love them, you would want to be with them through every up and every down. Every single second of every single day. Because when you truly love them, you have no other choice but to hold on.


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