More than saying “I love you”

“Why don’t you say ‘I love you’ anymore?”

Quite often I hear people complain how their significant other don’t say ‘I love you’ to them more often. I start to question these three words and its meaning. We say these three words a lot, even to those we don’t actually love. As people say “I love you” so easily, I begin to hold this phrase to a lower value than they were originally intended for.

Frankly, loving someone is very difficult for me, and I’m sure many people agree. How many people do you actually love in your life?  Your mom? Dad? Brother or sister? Or is it your spouse, best friend, or your pet? Whom of those would you not sleep for to talk with them about their problems? Who would you sacrifice your career for? Who would you give up everything for in an instant, and not regret it?

There’s so many ways to show you love someone without having to say those words; yet it is these simple actions that are often missed and taken granted for. Holding the door open when you step into a restaurant. A friendly reminder of bringing your coat when you leave the house. A note saying “I’m thinking of you”. These are all small things that we can tell if someone still loves us.

Who needs 99 roses, or a $10,000 diamond ring? Those materialistic items can decrease in value over time but its the thoughts and actions of a person that will always remain it’s highest value.


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